2018 / Portfolio / Personal

My Encounters

  • Company
    Indonesia Trip Advisors
  • Photographer
    Evi Aryati Arbay

My testify of my Travel journey that has brought many changes in life to see life become simpler and the way it is, more mature and rich in life experiences through my encounters with these special people in Indonesia-PNG-Africa dmade me learn that Life is hard but still worth to enjoy it, no matter what! The life of the indigenous peoples that I met around in remote area appears unimaginably primitive. It is certainly hard, and at times harsh, but we witnessed fabulously rich and diverse cultures, content in their existence, clear about their values and in tune with the environment.

She became emerging Indonesian Author and Ethnographer since she published Dani The Highlanders, Book about Dani Tribe who live in Jayawijaya mountain range in New Guinea which be Hits book in 2014, Book of Baduy “ Baduy Locked In Time” as her duet Ethnography book with Indonesian Top Neurologist Hardiono D Pusponegoro and others special request book for private companies and government institutions in IndonesiaBeen travel a lot in Indonesia, Asia, Europe, Africa and USA, already held for Solo Exhibition in Indonesia-Japan-Italy-USA.