2018 / Editorial / Photo Essay

Ha Aretz

  • Company
    Roger Grasas
  • Photographer
    Roger Grasas

Named after the aramaic spoken by Jesus, and referring to “the Promised Land”, HaAretz is a reinterpretation of the biblical landscapes amidst a globalized world of consumerism, hypertechnicality, mass tourism and conflict. Compiled from photographs taken in nowadays Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt, this series is conceived with the aim to document some of the most famous locations of biblical events such as the genesis, exodus, baptism and crucifixion of Jesus, devil's temptation, last dinner or the good samaritaine story.

Roger Grasas (Barcelona, 1970) starts his professional career in 2002 documenting projects for international foundations such as UNESCO. Since then, traveling becomes the core of his work, translating his experiences into visual arts. Regular contributor to spanish and international publications, he lives from 2009 between Barcelona and Riyadh. His work approaches the role that technology reveals within the post-capitalist society and the state of alienation that human being suffers in the contemporary landscape.