2018 / Fine Art / Landscape

The Pathway to My Home

  • Photographer
    Stefano Oppioni

I live close a wide city, located in the northern part of Italy. Since I was a child, I have always wandered in the mountains. So at present, every time I return in the Dolomites, it is like I coming back to my home, straight in the arms of my Father. Everything is re-arranged, takes balance and harmony. The values of life are positioned in the right place. Only emotions and serendipity. These shots are an integral part of a project that I have been carrying out for some years and represent some of the most fascinating and picturesque peaks of dolomitic profiles – Unesco Heritage.

"I like to explore wildlife both vertically and horizontally all around where Nature in turn speaks, guides and inspires me: sea, rivers, lakes, forests, mountains and especially Dolomites recently declared UNESCO Human Heritage site."