2018 / Fine Art / Nudes

Enjoying Sunlight

  • Photographer
    Sean Glacio

This shot is a celebration of the sun and the joy. It was a warm italian sunny day and we found a crumbling door in an old italian park around Florence (Scrittoio del Capogiardiniere: "gardener's desk"). We could imagine an old man trying to find his last defence against the sun behind a simple wooden door while all the people were walking around the park. The popular russian model Anna Bogomazova gave me a big smile thinking about an old italian man looking at her while she was nude, posing and enjoying the sunlight. I had just an istant to capture this image.

I am a freelance photographer based in Tuscany. I particularly like to catch feminine beauty in all of its shades and my images range from portrait to fine art nude. I participated to some international photocontest with a long series of mentions. I started with portraits and now I am starting a new phase of my life as a photographer. I want give my portraits a deep and knowable meaning, denouncing what I see is happening to our world. Global warming. Solitude. I would like to reach the gallery standard and I am making all the efforts to reach my first big photo prize.