2018 /


  • Photographer
    Anirban Mandal
  • Agency / Studio
    Anirban Mandal Photography

A chance meeting, a chance to get love and hope, a chance of finding beautiful reason to live... this series is about love and passion of life giving a person the will to make his life more than just survival, to have ambition to make it a memorable one. A man on wheelchairs gets love and motivation from a girl to carry on his fights against all odds and to be able to dream about the future. The series is for use as an advertising story telling concept to explore possibilities in lifestyle, relationships, insurances or even real estate. Models: Swagata, Anirban

Anirban is a freelance photographer at present based in Kolkata, India. The closest genre of his photography is Fine Art Photography in a modern way that gives the photographer the control and independence of creating a unique frame without disturbing or influencing the naturally occurring events around him.