2018 / Editorial / Fashion

The Pursuit

  • Photographer
    Juli Teitler

Fashion is about wanting. Creating a realm that allows fabrication of the self, of either the creator or the viewer.'The Pursuit' portrays an unapologetic heroine, who shifts between dominance and submission.This series speaks of female autonomy and voyeurism; the lead character is not a spectacle meant to entice or invite blindly, she actively advances in her calculated narrative, along with the direction and composition of the female photographer. The fantasy portrayed is not for the spectator to act on, but is a manifestation of deeper, feminine wanting: of empowerment, and independence.

Juli Teitler (b. 1992) is an Israeli artist based in NYC. She received her BFA in Photography with honors from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2017. In her fashion work, Teitler focuses on compelling and feminine narratives while her more personal pieces serve as visual documentation of her inner world, picking and prodding on the themes of identity and relationships.