2018 / Portfolio / Personal


  • Company
    Lemay Design
  • Photographer
    Charlie Lemay

My 2017 “Goddesses” series is a group of twelve images, derived though an intuitive riff through my existing bodies of work overlaid upon the houses of the Zodiac, which divide the human experience into twelve distinct domains. The theme here concerns the power of the feminine expressed goddess-like in a patriarchal world which by default attempts to deny it. The structure and flow of the images, some of which are traditional black and white photographs, while others come from previous digital photographic collages, combine in faux still life, using modern digital collage techniques.

Charlie Lemay was born in Manchester, NH in 1950, where he continues to reside. He founded his own Graphic Design and Photography business in 1973, Lemay Design, which he retains as the name of his self-publishing company. He has taught graphic design and photography part-time at the college level and photography and computer graphics full-time at a prep school since 1998. His latest efforts combine photography with the written word in a way that takes the reader into places where words alone are not sufficient