2018 / Fine Art / Portrait

Masked Autoportraits

  • Photographer
    Aleksandar Antonijevic

Most of my photographic work now is dealing with the issues of grief and identity (or the lack thereof). One’s certainty of who they are, where they belong or how they can contribute, are essential elements of being confident and self realized.   These portraits represent my fears, concerns and hopes for finding myself again and also connecting to others. I have discovered through this process of documenting grief and playing with the notion of “Who am I?” that we are all so alike and connected on a deep human level through difficult experiences. 

Mr Antonijevic is a fine art photographer based in Toronto, Canada. His 25 year career as a classical ballet dancer has enabled him to truly understand and work with human form and use its endless possibilities to express and convey emotion. Major influences are old Dutch masters, as well as contemporary photographers like Robert Mapplethorpe and Erwin Olaf. He is on a continual quest to master and manipulate light and use shadows as a means of sculpting the body and face.