2018 / (Non-Pro)

In The Paradise

  • Photographer
    Thomas Vijayan

Kamchatka is stunningly rich in unexploited natural resources and natural beauty. To me animals always look more graceful in their natural habitat than a close up image, I also believe background is very important for any frames along with a proper level to get a real feel of the scenic beauty. As you can see in this frame the whole habitat compliments each other and hence I call it "In The Paradise".

My name is Thomas Vijayan, I am basically an Architect hailing from Kerala, India also known as God’s Own Country, was brought up in Bangalore and later moved to Canada, where I am now settled with my family. I have travelled all round the world for photography which is my passion but not my profession. The big cats have always been my favorite. To me there is nothing called "perfection" in any photography, every click to me is an experience and the more I click I feel I have learned something new from it, and I give more importance to quality pictures than quantity. I love nature and I can