2018 /

Tributo A Fidel

  • Photographer
    Patrizia Dottori

It's a tiny story of the last trip of Commander in the country that, through its revolution, changed the history of Cuba also becoming one of the most recognized in the world myths. The parade of hundreds of thousands of people who have waited for the passage of the caravan with the ashes, from Havana to Santiago (tracing back the various stages of the Revolution) was a four-day trip between tears and memories, photos, newspaper articles of another age. A historical moment in memory of the man who defied the United States through the slogan slogan "a better world is possible."

Born in Rome and photographer since 1986, working between Rome and Buenos Aires. "I shoot like an artist and I think like a photographer" for this reason I define this photographic genre as "artistic reportage". The projects are born, mostly, discovering what I want to tell and how through my shots: a search between meanings and emotions of reality not immediately recognizable.