2018 / Portfolio / Personal

Shadows of Light

  • Photographer
    Stefano Ciol

Essentiality, deep sense of balance, photos that are games of soft shades of white, refined as if they were scratched on ice or glass. A group of stems draws a concrete yet impalpable figure. Rows of bare plants are gray shapes that are lost in white. These photos have an escape trend that makes them dreamy and poetic: their impalpability dematerializes them, seem to invite the eye to a flight to the infinite: there is nothing that stops him in the white background that surrounds them. And the furrows, where they are present, confirm and reinforce this calm, voluptuous sense of escape.

Stefano Ciol, the heir of a photography dynasty, combines personal research with his professional work. He undertakes continual technological updating which leads him to crosspollinate traditional methods with the most recent and advanced ones for the purpose of perfecting correspondence between his own vision and the final image. This process is fully evident in the control of shades in his black and white photographs of landscapes, a revisitation in contemporary key of a genre that has its roots in the history of photography. He lives and works at Casarsa della Delizia (PN) Italy