2018 / Fine Art / Portrait

What We Leave Behind

  • Photographer
    Diane Fenster

What We Leave BehindFor this series, I employ an imperfect transfer process that acts as a metaphor for the fragility of memory and aging. Both the mechanics of the process and the physicality of the image feel like a shedding of skin.This peeling away relates to the evidence of waning and loss within myself and others. As we move through the years of our lives, we leave behind parts of ourselves along the way thereby creating a beauty derived from entropy.

Diane Fenster's work is literary and emotional, using symbolism and multiple layers of meaning. Her images appear in the APERTURE monograph METAMORPHOSES: PHOTOGRAPHY IN THE ELECTRONIC AGE, WOMEN, ART AND TECHNOLOGY published by MIT press and the DIFFUSION ANNUAL 2016. Her newest imagery explores alternative processes. Exhibited in the 4th Biennale of Fine Art and Documentary Photography in Berlin, a finalist in the 9th Pollux Awards, the Alternative Process and Portraits categories of the 7th and 8th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards and finalist in the 2nd Charles Dodson Awards.