2018 / (Non-Pro)

Mongolia'S Nomads

  • Photographer
    Michele Martinelli
  • Agency / Studio
    Michele Martinelli Restauro

The Silence is the protagonist of the boundless spaces beyond the Horizon. They naturally adapt themselves to the environment, despite the difficulties, and receive in return life and prosperity: they are the Mongolian Nomads. A temper molded by still territories and huge deserts that dissolve the concepts of space and time in a new dimension of the spirit, where the freedom, hardly and proudly chased and built, is absolutely needful. An inheritance probably handed down by the Gengis Khan’ s valorous warriors that created one of the largest empires of human history.

I was born in Pietrasanta (Lucca) on Aug. 29,1979 and I currently live in Lucca where I work as a restorer of cultural goods. In 2015 I obtained a master in photojournalism and documentary photography at “Fondazione studio Marangoni” in Florence. Sensitive to the communication through the artistic expression, I discovered my passion for the photography just few years ago. Togheter with my innate curiosity as a traveler who I am, photography changed my life giving her a deep meaning.