2018 /

From Painting to Photography

  • Photographer
    Patrizia Burra
  • Agency / Studio
    Patrizia Burra Photography

From “Painting to Photography” is a world where you can be who you want. This project was born from a difficult time in my life. A moment when I had to keep my emotions under control. I tried to release the energy I had in moving them out of my soul. In this free place, I breathed my characters. This series was the window where I could change the world. The combination of photography and digital painting has given me the opportunity to unite what I love most in art. From “Painting to Photography” is a mix of digital painting and photography. In this series, my goal was to make pictures that f

I'm a professional photographer with 36 years of experience in capturing the beauty in the mundane. Photography isn't a hobby- it's my lifestyle. I'M MQEP MASTER QUALIFIED EUROPEAN PHOTOGRAPHER. FEP BOARD MEMBER AND JUDGE- FEDERATION OF EUROPEAN PHOTOGRAPHERS