2018 / People / Life Style


  • Photographer
    Andrea Taschin

iPhonepathy: a degenerative pathology of human cognitive system induced by the intensive and extended use of one’s smartphone. This disease affects most individuals, bringing them to see their smartphones as a vital necessity at the basis of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The compulsive use of those devices is accompanied by an irrepressible need to improve self-esteem through obsessive research of approval on the social networks. On the long run, iPhonepathy can totally subjugate individuals into complete isolation.

Andrea Taschin was born in Venice in 1971 and lives in Florence from many years. Taschin has a great passion for photography since many years, and he is also an enthusiast and expert in color science and digital color management. He is a photographer who has acquired advanced knowledge of photography and postproduction by consulting several books, websites and photography forums and attending numerous workshops held by professional photographers. His photography is conceptual. He is a member of Photoalchimie of Calenzano (FI) and reviewer at Slow Watching Photo-Art Movement group.