2018 / Architecture / Buildings

The Utopian Micro-City of Aldo Rossi and Carlo Aymonino

  • Company
    Karina Castro
  • Photographer
    Karina Castro

Monte Amiata Housing is a residential complex in the Gallaratese district of Milan designed by Aldo Rossi and Carlo Aymonino in the late 1960s. The complex reflects neo rationalist ideas, comprising five red concrete buildings grouped around a central area with yellow walkways. The building was influenced by Le Courbusier Unite d'habitation in Marseille and Giorgio di Chirico paintings and was conceived as a utopian micro-city within the city, interplaying between housing blocks and urban context.

Portuguese photographer based in Milan, specialized in Photography at the Institute of Photography from Oporto and NABA in Milan. Started her career by assisting other professional photographers, as Miro Zagnoli, while simultaneously caring visual art projects through a variety of media. Since then have been working as a professional photographer, collaborating with architectural studios and magazine.