2016 / Fine Art / Abstract (Non-Pro)

Casstelluccio Colors

  • Photographer
    Roberto Marchegiani

The photo was taken in Castelluccio, in middle of italy (https://www.google.it /maps/@42.8278682,13.2045142,15.76z) a plateau 1400 meters above sea level, that for about a week a year is colored with its flowers. The photo was taken in the early morning, when the incident light exalt the colors of flowers and the green of the grass, with the use of polarizing filter to saturate the colors and remove the reflections, the tripod and the technique of "double exposure on camera ", a function provided by the Nikon D810 that allows a single picture (single file nef) by two shots taken one after the other. The first shot performed with the machine stopped while the second with the machine in motion in horizontal panning with a long time (1/10 sec exposure). This is because I intended to eliminate the visual noise and disturbing elements and enhance the colorful stripes of flowers while maintaining the intelligibility of the flowers, that without the double exposure would be lost and turns the photo into an abstract.