2016 / Editorial / Photo Essay (Non-Pro)

Refugee Hostel

  • Photographer
    Dimitris Chantzaras

Because of its geographical position, Greece, is a gateway for many immigrants coming from Asian countries. Most of the immigrants, who come to Europe searching for a better life or to escape from war, are not aware of the 4 year crisis in Greece. Unemployment rates have risen and as a result, immigrants are not able to find a job to earn a living. For years the municipality of Thessaloniki rented a building and thus provided shelter to immigrants and refugees who could not afford to rent a house. Because of the crisis and the financial cuts, the Municipality of Thessaloniki has cut off funding and now offers them only a meal per day. NGOs and citizens cover the refugees’ costs so as not to be persecuted from the hostel, providing money, food and material goods.