2016 / Editorial / Photo Essay (Non-Pro)

Mayan Rites

  • Company
    Photography by Studzinski
  • Photographer
    Robert Studzinski

The Mayans of Guatemala and southern Mexico have endured conquest, repression,even genocide. Yet, they adapt and persist. Their vibrant sense of community enables resilience. Their living culture is the core of their resistance.

I've spent 39 years, off and on, documenting the cultural past, alive today, and the struggles of people in resistance. I also spent 30 years on the streets as a parole officer for juvenile felons. I've accompanied war refugees in Guatemala, El Salvador and Chiapas and nomads in Venezuela and Ladakh. I've documented traditional, village textile-making in Laos, Mali, Guatemala and Mexico, as well as food sovereignty in Bolivia, Oaxaca and the Italian Piedmont. I've worked on recovery efforts with Habitat for Humanity in Haiti and post-Katrina Mississippi with kids on probation.