2016 / Editorial / Photo Essay (Non-Pro)

Hunting Shadows

  • Photographer
    Antonio Gonzalez Caro

The Greyhound is a native canine race of Spain, experienced runners are capable of reach 60 km / h. This animal is used for hunting the hare in the open country without the help of man, after a chase. The main problem found is stealing dogs. Someone who steals a greyhound to be used fraudulently will not hesitate to abandon, or mistreat disposed of. These criminals greyhound, who is trying to put in the same bag as the hunters, are left over in this hobby and in this country. Last year more than 300 steals reported and Spain with 800 animals involved, that are easy victims of abandonment. The title of this work is "Hunting Shadows" and is focused on a specific person, John, a man who hunts hares with greyhounds in the field. When I started this photographic work, I found it very interesting to show the world of John, telling a story in a more personal way, where the images convey the atmosphere that I was watching and I had in my head at the moment of taking the photographs. The work does not have to display a critical point of view, but neither the contrary. My idea was to put myself in between, and gain greater freedom to create and display a story with more creativity, where the images have strength and with an aesthetic that adds mystery. The theme of this work is used to construct a story to talk about something specific, but for me it is also very important to show a world with an aesthetic that speaks about me.