2016 / Editorial / Photo Essay (Non-Pro)

Before everything gets lost.

  • Photographer
    Carmelo Eramo

Four years ago I started this journey of discovery-rediscovery of my land, starting a travelogue in Puglia and Basilicata. Here, I try to capture, and perhaps save, moments and scenes of ordinary daily life, moods, moments, faces, gestures, feelings, searching especially among the streets and alleys of small villages, to tell a world, a society, especially attracted by what of this world is being lost and how much still remains. In a South always poised between the past and a contradictory and difficult present, between stagnation and progress, ancestral legacies and wild speculations, in the old beating and often battered hearts of cities that expand between constructions and development too often unsustainable, customs and rhythms of everyday life perpetuate sometimes immersed in a suspended time and still. I try to tell a way of life, an existential condition, but it is above all a personal search, an inner journey. A journey still ongoing and never ending, through my personal vision of a Southern Italy that is primarily a time of memory and a place of soul. A space-time dimension with intimate, as well as geographical coordinates, where photography is also a key to (re)find themselves.