2016 / Editorial / Photo Essay (Non-Pro)

Plata Y Janeiro. Or: Funes and the Impossible Memory

  • Photographer
    Leonardo Magrelli

To organize the pictures I took in South-America, I decided to reflect on Funes the Memorious, a short story by Borges. After an accident, Ireneo Funes is left paralyzed, but with the ability to remember everything he has ever experienced. The tale may seem a reflection on the endless possibilities of the memory, but it is not: this story is rather about the Impossibility. In fact Funes neither is able to inspire in the others every perception linked to his memories, nor he can forget anything: his memory «is like a garbage disposal». These problems are both inherent to Photography. The result of a photograph will always be different from what we see when we shoot, because we can’t produce in the others the same vibrating perception of the actual moment. Moreover, nowadays both the world and the web are saturated with an overwhelming amount of pictures: it seems like the mind of Ireneo. That’s why I selected only a few pictures, and I traced a mapped path that I can walk backwards.