2016 / Editorial / General News (Non-Pro)

Harmful Snowy Froth

  • Photographer
    Debasish Ghosh

Bangalore, India was once known for its interconnected lake systems which provided a reliable source of water. As the city grew these lakes were encroached and the water became polluted day by day. The largest Bellandur Lake in Bangalore now carries huge volume of snowy froth which blocks the adjacent canals. This froth which would otherwise been a sight to behold stinks and on contact with skin causes irritation. The mass of lather in the lake rises so high that it lands on the roads and causes inconvenience to those travelling on two wheelers. This is a major concern with many such lakes in Bangalore which are getting polluted with harmful chemicals like nitrates, potassium, sulphates, etc. Although the residents have raised their concern by informing the local media for cleaning the lake, till date the Government has taken little measure like putting up a mesh in order to stop the overflowing foam but the lake remains in its previous state emitting intoxicating smell.

Debasish is a documentary photographer and has been working on various projects of Tradition & Cultures, Spot News and Long-Term projects for more than a decade. His much-noted work on Bellandur lake pollution Bangalore, Karnataka, India was published worldwide.