2016 / Editorial / Environmental

Ocean Rage

  • Photographer
    Matilde Gattoni

Ghana - Dzita - Two schoolgirls stand on the ruins of their school. Two years ago, the Dzita EP Basic School had one of its four compounds destroyed by coastal erosion during the rainy season. Four classrooms were lost, forcing the school management to combine classes in order to shelter all the 670 students. In the past 20 years climate change has been devastating the coasts of West Africa, disrupting the lives of tens of millions of people in 13 countries by fueling economic crisis, criminal activities and an endless wave of migration towards the West. It's the preview of what the whole world will experience, if the balance between human activities and nature will not be restored soon.West Africa's coastline has been eroding at a pace of up to 36 metres per year as a direct consequence of global warming and climate change. While entire coastal communities have already been swept away, erosion and sea level rise are now threatening some of the world's most booming cities, as well as billions of dollars of infrastructures, vital food supplies, biodiversity hotspots and UNESCO-protected historical sites.