2016 / Book / People (Non-Pro)

The last Child

  • Photographer
    Axel Hilger

Born in Stralsund in 1968, he spent his youth in Potsdam and has lived and worked since 1999 in Mallorca.Eventually Hilger had to face the "realities of life". He had to earn his living! And did so well, even without Grammar school and university studies. Actually, he had always felt it, that he was waiting for something, but what? Quite simply, in his own way of expression possibility - the photograph! She was suddenly there for him and gave him answers to all his many questions. He was about to write any poems, plays or novels he wanted to swing no speeches, he wanted to make pictures! And he made - preferably constantly! He had probably "his gun" found. Finally, he thought it well to use as such. All his anger, for example, about environmental pollution, animal cruelty and what does not remember everything that the human species so on filth has come up, had now found a valve. The collapse of the East and the freedom of travel related to her did the rest. Hilger developed for globetrotters. The continents of our exciting world he was grazing just so off, this inspired him incredibly, and everywhere he has captured the most exciting moments with his beloved camera for eternity. And he has dispelled much! His pictures appeared, for example, in "National Geographic" and "Asia, Digital Photo". He also organized several exhibitions, including in the Peter Maffay Foundation and galleries throughout Europe: "Iceland Magic" and "metamorphosis". Not only that, he has published two books and is tuned to a third project of this kind. Currently Hilger working on a photo series named: "The last child," said artistic standards and extremely private fears interact.Axel Hilger

Axel Hilger born in Stralsund Germany 1968lives and works in Spain: Mallorca-Balearic Islands 1999- todayEducation Academia de Bellas Artes in Palma de Mallorca 2007-2008  Picture book and publication of the book: 2013 "Majorca" Natural Beauty and Magic Moments " 2015 "Potsdam – Die Erkundung einer Stadt in vier Tagen" 2017 "Mallorca – Die Erkundung einer Insel in vier Tagen"