2016 / Book / Documnetry (Non-Pro)


  • Photographer
    Edward L. Rubin

My photography book VERMONT: AN OUTSIDER'S INSIDE VIEW captures the character and spirit of the people who inhabit Vermont accompanied by images of the land and the special places that shape their lives. My portraits include everyone from the Governor to goat farmers, artists, mechanics, waitresses, a supreme court justice, and activists. My intention is to reveal that there are still places in America where people know each other deeply, help each other freely, and are bound to each other in heart, mind, and community. All photos were taken over a four-year period; I wrote the text and funded the entire project myself. There are over 200 photographs, printed in large format and bound in Verona, Italy. This project represents everything that I am as an artist and humanist; it is a true labor of love and a love letter to the people and state of Vermont.