2016 / Book / Documnetry (Non-Pro)

Autolose Autoreifen in der Ukraine

  • Photographer
    David Schikora

Autolose Autoreifen in der Ukraine (Tires in the Ukraine)In Ukraine worn car tires are not disposed of waste, but reused for different purposes and get thus an infinite reuse. The durability and longevity of the materials in this way of upcycling is advantageous. The old car tires are used there as road boundaries, crash barriers, parking space markings, plant pots, fencing for gardens, orientation systems and as shock absorbers for houses. Consequently, a specific streetscape reveals. Thereby the landscape of the suburbs is decisively influenced. With „Google Street View“ and my computer mouse I drove through the Ukraine virtually and created screen captures of the car tires of the streets of Kharkiv, Odessa, Donetsk and Lviv. By using a painting filter this „Street View Photography Series“, which refers to the realism, is given a pictorialistic image.