2016 / Book / Documnetry (Non-Pro)


  • Photographer
    jaeuk lee

This book made for the Master-graduation of University of the Arts Bremen and self published with my photographic series „NEW TOWN“. Achromatic colored high rise buildings and houses are reflected in a book concept. For the typographic design, "FUTURA" font was used, which corresponds with contexts. size: 16x 24cm, 128pages, hardcover, open spine binding NEW TOWN is about the transformation of residential spaces through a largescale urban redevelopment project currently in progress in several South Korean cities. Old towns were forced by the government to be redeveloped for the sake of “progress”. They choose to create new spaces by eradicating existing areas to increase the effec- tiveness and efficiency of the town. Many cultural values that have lasted and evolved over decades are thus coming to an end. The disappearance of these neighborhoods means the extinction of personal places: the result of a development that is not beneficial to everyone, although it was initiated to benefit all.