2016 / Architecture / Industrial (Non-Pro)

The port of Rouen on a Sunday in July

  • Photographer
    Patrice Picard

This series of photographs is about the tension between man and nature in an industrial landscape. The Port of Rouen on the river Seine is Europe's number one port for grain export. And yet, on that July Sunday afternoon, it looked deserted, a playground for bold weeds overgrowing the slopes along the connecting roads or the backyards of warehouses. It looked as if man, after building these huge constructions, had left the place and this—momentary— desertion brought out a strangely beautiful landscape, designed by man and yet from which he had slipped away.

Photography has been my hobby since I was a teenager. I first took pictures with a film camera, then I stopped for a while. Five years ago, I bought a digital camera, which got me back to my initial passion but with a different approach. Gradually, as my work shaped itself into series, there came the idea of sharing it with other people, so I created my website in 2015. Then I decided to participate in contests, which was a way for me to look at my pictures and rework on them from a new perspective. This was stimulating, challenging, and it also allowed me to get some feedback on my work.