2016 / Architecture / Cityscapes (Non-Pro)

Celestial Reverie

  • Photographer
    Jeremy Tan

George Town, the UNESCO World Heritage-listed capital of Penang state in Malaysia, has gained prominence in recent times as a must-visit tropical paradise. But for several months a year the monsoon season rolls in, bringing severe thunderstorms and heavy rainfall. This photo resulted from a long-term quest to capture my hometown’s stormy weather raging over its downtown skyline. After several years of storm chasing and numerous attempts from this vantage point, the heavens finally sent a brilliant flash of lightning, exactly where I was hoping for. The bolt seemingly strikes Komtar Tower, the most iconic landmark in George Town, which soars over a unique cityscape that juxtaposes modern high-rise buildings with centuries-old, low-rise heritage structures. It is also a portent reminder that mankind will always live under Mother Nature’s awesome power.