2016 / Architecture / Buildings (Non-Pro)

Not merely memories...

  • Photographer
    Andrea Rollo
  • Agency / Studio
    Luz photo

In 1982 was inaugurated in Parabita the new Monumental Cemetery, an urban intervention brave of you are immediately interested prestigious national and international journals of urban planning and architecture and that has sparked a lively debate among scholars and professionals. It 'was designed by italian architects, to reconnect to the great building tradition of Puglia, have chosen to use, along with the concrete, a type of local sandstone, the carparo, using blocks for the exterior to create long sinuous wall surfaces. The monument, enclosed in a square of 120 meters on each side, is spread on the flanks of a gentle hill and finds inspiration in the planimetric layout to the desired symmetrical a composite capital. The complex is an example of contemporary architecture at the highest level and has become a reference point in the discussion of the architectural developments of the post-modern. This series was my goal to find the intuited peculiarities and designed by architects, their signature work, views that reveal particular geometries.