2016 / Advertising / Fashion (Non-Pro)

Unveil The Kashmir Art

  • Photographer
    Mara Szabová

Original Kashmir shawl embrace the entirety of the whole life of artisans who are working on them in Kashmir. The shawl is then a portrait of the artist who was working on it for a longer period of time. The artist always puts his whole life and love into making the shawl since most of the time is this art the only thing people in Kashmir do. Photo series concentrates on the art of making the Kashmir shawl and the importance that water plays in the completion. The process is a long series of steps to create these works of art and water is key element present in each phase of the shawl making process. The collection of cashmere is manually done by combing the hair of the goats. Prior to spinning the yarn, the raw material is treated by stretching and water cleaning to remove all dirt. Softness is achieved by soaking the fiber for a few days in a mixture of rice and water. As a part of the preparation for weaving the yarn is washed with water and soap then dried in the sun light. Once the weaving is complete the shawl goes through another wash with special powder and water. Only then is the shawl prepared for embroidery. Water is a dominant element throughout the series of pictures not only to highlight shawl making process but also to emphasize the significance of Dal Lake in Kashmir. Like the water that is a part of every facet of making a shawl is the art of making a shawl part of everyday life of people in Kashmir.