2016 / Science / Other_SC

Transcend - Objects of War - Mask

  • Photographer
    Janice Alamanou
  • Agency / Studio
    Coastal Photography

Photography: Black & White Early Warning Whistle. Ltd Edition of 10 with 2 artist proofs. In this turbulent time of the world where threat, terror and war are not always visible until the ultimate moment I have created the series of photography named 'Transcend - Objects of War'. Using objects that are from the past and the present to subtly and forcefully depict not only the issue but feelings - sorrow, angst, frustration, anger, uncertainty and much more. The use of the female naked form encompassing the thought of a moment not hiding and the involvement and roles of women. A moment when we are on the cusp of time to 'transcend' above and to look for a world where agreeing to disagree can be accomplished with all different politics, religions and views. Printed as Giclee or direct onto brushed aluminium.. Photograph on paper has a white border. Signed and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Janice Alamanou has a diverse collection of style and the sensuous perception of her subject, the human form and nature itself, that only photographing over many years creating new and different works can achieve. For Janice, her aim is to create feeling, passion and inspiration. She wants her photographs to become talking points and inspire debate - politically, environmentally and psychologically. Her work realises the beauty and sincerity whether from her home in Norfolk or images from around the world. Internationally exhibiting and photographing as life lives.