2016 / Science / Other_SC


  • Photographer
    Sacha Ferrier

Personal life journeys exist along a route directed by the decisions made conscious or unaware daily. Paths crossed by chance can be momentary or inevitably have a lasting effect whether good or bad. The space we occupy is ours, and we live within an unseen bubble sometimes unaware of the amalgamations that occur around us when another interrupts our own odyssey. The synthesis of emotional and dispassionate occurrences redirects our compass or simply peregrinates onto the next leaving no trace. Failure to acknowledge purposely may be more detrimental and although no interaction has occurred the effect on our own life can be altered greatly. Through the study of emotional states manifested following tragedy, relationships with inanimate objects and the notion of fate, my work explores the changes and impact these events provoke. Using displaced narrative, body language and line of sight the images encourage the viewer to think beyond the obvious, considering the alternative.