2016 / Science / Other_SC


  • Photographer
    Li Sun

From superposing those equiformal surveillance cameras and plants, I use my photographs to blend my memories of different ages and environments. Surveillance cameras are the emblem of uncomfortable urban experiences. By way of contrast, bright-colored orchard scenes are the emblem of my happy childhood time. I always struggled between our functional technologies and organic environments. Some people say our ideal life should be pure, simple, and organic - just like yesterday. Yet, our pioneers of science, society, economy, and many other fields greatly strive to make our life safer and more efficient, namely through surveillance systems. Thanks to them, our neighborhoods are safer than ever; however, something also has changed – the feeling. I remember when I was a child, except for several residential areas and research facilities, my home town has a vast territory of farmland and wild land. The best time was summer. I could run in the rural orchard and farmland and have the place almost to myself. Only plants and animals could hear and see me. Before long, my family moved to the city. Now and then, I would inadvertently find surveillance cameras rotating among an empty nature park. It was then I suddenly realized someone was always watching me in every corner. I felt that the fully relaxed feeling would never return as I walked in the city.