2016 / Portfolio / Personal

Albert I

  • Photographer
    Gianluca Micheletti

(Premise: This photographic project, developed in some zoos in Europe, does not deal with the conditions of the animals housed, but a purely conceptual work) Projection into the future of humankind on a different planet from the earth, perceived through observation of exotic animals bred in captivity in zoos, and particularly primates, with whom we share up to 99% of our DNA. Imagine the preservation of our species through scientific research, the creation of artificial habitats and conservation programs, as applied by modern zoos the animals that inhabit them. From these shots I can feel how man could live in a permanent colony on a planet far from Earth, in precise and defined program areas. Same expressions caught in the eye of primates could see the man who lives inert maintenance cells, with well cadenced needs. The project is titled Abert I, in honor of the first monkey astronaut launched into space on June 11, 1948 by NASA aboard the rocket V-2 Blossom, in the White Sands resort in New Mexico.