2016 / People / Life Style

Bollywood Talkies

  • Photographer
    Vanessa Vettorello

The historic single screen cinemas are recently experiencing a deep identity and economic crisis, leading them to a fast disappearance. Simultaneously, multiple modern screen centers are at the peak of their development. As well as the entire Indian film industry. The videos parlour instead - big rooms without any comfort and equipped only with a projector, they're trying to keep alive the traditional movie theaters market in a cheaper way, but today they are experiencing themselves also a major crisis. Thus in a few years the world of cinemas in Mumbai could change radically. Today these three types of theaters: video parlour, single screen halls and modern multiplex are still attended by different kind of people in a very exclusive way: each one in fact has its own typical goer that identifies it under a social and economic category. Today they represent a perfect picture of India social complexity to be studied and considered under a light-blue Bollywood twilight.