2016 / Fine Art / Portrait

Privet Germania

  • Photographer
    Ira Thiessen

In the project “Privet Germania“ (Hello Germany) I am concerned with the topic of lifestyle within German-Russian culture and its hybrid identity. I am interested in the extent to which so-called hybrid cultural identities can be recognized extrinsically and interpreted in images, such as customs, clothing, language, behavior and mindsets. I am also concerned with questions regarding how cultures will continue to develop in the future. In the photography project “Privet Germania“ I decided to record the present and to make the phenomenon of this so-called hybrid identity visible. I stage surreal portraits by using an analog camera and combining elements from painting, theatre and atelier photography. “Culture is the special form in which the shared world views, values, mannerisms and social interpretative patterns of a certain social group can find their expression. It reveals itself particularly through the traditions and customs of everyday life.“