2016 / Editorial / sports


  • Photographer
    Carsten Beier

In general, skaters like to explore the urban space with their skateboard. Compared to “non-skaters”, a skateboarder tends to see the city of Berlin with different eyes. Edges, stairs, lines, areas and other spatial objects automatically draw our attention. You immediately start picturing in your head what could possibly be done with a skateboard at these special places and what not. Lines determine the direction of thinking. And almost every day, we find ourselves struggling with waxed lines of concrete, spending a considerable amount of time on the cold ground, just for the sake of it. For outsiders, it’s difficult to comprehend why we scream at concrete edges and behave like the alpha male marking its territory. But in fact, the street is the home of our subculture. I tried to capture this symbiosis of skateboarding and the urban space we all move in on 35mm. At places that are more to us than just a simple line. Skateboarding in the format 24mm X 65mm on Kodak Tri-X 400.