2016 / Editorial / Photo Essay

The Iron Train

  • Photographer
    Daniel Rodrigues
  • Agency / Studio

The Iron Train is one of the longest train in the world, the train is about 2.5 km. A journey that goes from Nouadhibouh to Zouerate (Mauritania), totaling 652 km in the middle of the Sahara desert that lasts about 20 hours. An epic journey where residents, poor and penniless use dangerous train to visit relatives in the homeland or carrying goods such as live animals. High temperatures during the day and very low temperatures during the night makes the journey is not easy. But the worst is the dust that is produced by wagons full of iron minerals that come from a mine 30km Zouarate to be unloaded cargo boats in the port of Nouadhibouh

Daniel Rodrigues is an award winning photographer who in 2013 won a first place in the World Press Photo, Daily Life category, in 2015 a third place as Photographer of the Year in POYi, in 2017 the Ibericoamerican Photographer of The Year in POY LATAM, a third place as Photographer of the Year in NPPA - Best of photojournalism and among many other awards. Daniel is currently based in Portugal. He works as a freelance photographer all around the world and a contributor photographer for the New York Times since May 2015.