2016 / Editorial / Photo Essay

The British Abroad

  • Photographer
    Peter Dench

The British have travelled to foreign lands for many centuries. They've gone abroad for trade, for science and, most of all, for conquest. These days the British are less militaristic but still just as keen on abroad. So why do the British like to be elsewhere? Is it the get-me-out-of-here British winter? Is it the waters that surround our island, enabling exploration and reminding us that adventure awaits? Perhaps it is the irresistible proximity of cheaper countries with superior ice cream? Whatever the answer, the urge felt by British youth to escape has never been been so high.

Photographer; Writer; TV Presenter; Curator; Olympus Visionary & Author of books including: THE DENCH DOZEN: Great Britons of Photography Vol. 1; The British Abroad, A&E: Alcohol & England & England Uncensored.