2016 / Editorial / Photo Essay


  • Photographer
    Nuria López Torres

Stolen is a photographic project about Mexican families who have daughters of forcibly disappeared. The disappearance of persons in Mexico in recent years is a serious problem that the Mexican government is unable to solve because of an absance political will. A problem that the Mexican government hides for years. In most cases it is the families who make the most of the investigations, in many cases because the police have no interest, and in others because the police ask for money to families. The families are helpless and alone in the search for their daughters. This photographic project speaks about the pain, the wait, the uncertainty, and the helplessness who suffer the families with missing daughters or mothers. These disappearances cause a great open wound, impossible to close all these families, who do not lose hope to see again some day their daughters. A drama that tears to thousands of families in Mexico.