2016 / Editorial / Personality

The battle of life

  • Photographer
    amir lavon
  • Agency / Studio
    ssp press

Isaac is a Holocaust survivor from the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp During World War II he lost his entire family and left alone in the World. After he managed to smuggle out from the death camp he joined the partisans And joined the fight against the Nazis until the end of World War II. After the war he came to Israel and decided to live in Afula. He opened a hardware store and decided that as long as he lives He will teach in the street everything that he had been through during the Holocaust. Isaac sat down at the entrance to his store and started telling his life story to everyone who was interested of listening. "I don’t need to be invited to special places or getting something for what I do , I am a simple man and my wooden chair is all I need to tell my story , I fought the Nazis he says and I don’t like to be called " Go like sheep to the slaughter" , I survived and fought and built my life again , and here I am telling my story to the world , I’m not a sheep , I’m a fighter , I won the war , my private war .

A 36 years old street and documentary photographer based in Afula, Israel, works on long term projects. Also an English teacher and photography teacher for special aids students and student at high risk community in the education system. Learned for his P.E Degree in photography and new media in PCK Photo center College. Finished BED in English and special needs communities. Finish B/w photography and printing from creative photography school, TLV and culture photography in National geographic Israel. Most of my work is being done in the streets, telling the story of the simple man, the st