2016 / Editorial / General News

Invisible: "We, The Invisible Children of Rome Central Station"

  • Photographer
    Cristina Mastrandrea

Invisible: "We, The Invisible Children of Rome Central Station" "I am a child and I'm afraid." Abdul is one of many unaccompanied foreign minors who live underground or sleep in the street around the Termini station. A square meter of cardboard and a blanket for the night, this is their home, in the heart of Rome for the Jubilee. Abdul is one of 6.000 minors without families arrived in Italy and disappeared. landed on Italian coasts, after a long journey from their home countries, in order to escape from wars and poverty. Disappeared into thin air, "invisible", "evaporated", often end up victims of crime and pedophiles in order not to starve. Children in the capital like Abdul, to survive they peddle, steal and sell their body. A “Dantesque circle” where pedophiles as the “english man”, are around every day in search of minors to give a few tens of euro in exchange for sexual favors. And thanks to the testimony of Abdul the Italian police have been able to identify and arrest that man.