2016 / Editorial / General News

Calbuco volcano Eruption

  • Photographer
    Francisco Negroni

Volcan Calbuco, Lake Region, Chile. On 22 April 2015, after more than 40 years without activity, a new and violent eruptive process starts at the Volcan Calbuco. The eruption forced the evacuation of more than 4,000 people living in places or villages near the volcano where they lost thousands of tons of ash. The ashes traveled through hundreds of kilometers wind affecting even the country bordering Argentina. The photograph shows one of the most violent moments of the eruption, about 0300 hours of the morning a large accompanied fumarole of thousands of rays launched lava hundreds of meters from the crater causing fear and uncertainty in the entire population. This incredible example of the power of nature could be seen hundreds of kilometers.

Chilean freelance photographer