2016 / Editorial / General News


  • Company
    Fractures Photo Collective
  • Photographer
    William Sands

#BLACKPOWERMATTERS is a photo series from Sandtown-Winchester, Baltimore, a community that endures poverty, violence, incarceration and a lack of resources everyday. This is a celebration of their voices and resilience and a deeper look into the driving forces behind riots that rocked Baltimore in the spring of 2015.

As a journalist William is guided by the belief that journalism’s role is to “hold truth(s) to power”. As a photographer William searches for stories that add nuance and complexity to public discourse. His work seeks to challenge reductionist narratives that maintain the status quo.2011- Co-Founded Fractures Photo Collective as a platform to promote documentary photography and as an alternative business model to traditional agencies.2014- Co-Created the Voizes Archive, an online census of the international incarceration experience.