2016 / Editorial / Environmental

CONTROLLING ENERGY, The task of the Ural Centre for Energy Efficiency and Environment

  • Photographer
    Emiliano Cavicchi

"Everything is filled with Energy including the economic sphere, it is like blood for an organism, so it is necessary to learn how to use and organize it" said to me Dr. Valery Anufriev, Director of 'The Ural Centre for Energy Efficiency and Environment' (UCEE), when we met first time in 2013 in Russia. Selected as photographer representing Italy in the RIA Novosti project 'Russian Moment - 20 world's leading photographers expedition in Russia, July 2013', for the previous G20 summit in St Petersburg, I choose to develop the theme of 'Energy', and the big metaphor 'how to control energy'. So, after researches on internet, I found the UCEE, a small but dynamic company based from 1995 in Yekaterinburg, in Sverdlovsk region of Russia. Dr. Anufriev and the UCEE team of energy specialists, economists, environmental engineers and chemists- believe that challenges of today about energetic resources -the not-endless use and general dependence, the pollution and climate changes, can be faced looking for a Green Low-Carbon Economy, through the key concept of Energy Efficiency: re-organizing the present consumption of energy, against wastes (as the audits requested to UCEE by industrial or domestic plants), and moving then towards Bio-Economics (named the 'Sixth Technology Mode') with innovative forms of energy from bio-sources (as the potentially innovative use of natural seaweeds or 'alga Spirulina', as new food and as source of energy). Welcomed almost in a family, of passionate people whose someone dedicated all life on their works, I tries by my reportage to keep the attention of these Environmental themes and concrete possibilities to act on, in a beautiful land and region, historically one of the main Russian industrial place of ever, and also the meaningful geographic border of two continents, Asia and Europe.