2016 / People / Portrait_P

Russian War Veterans

  • Photographer
    Pit Buehler
  • Agency / Studio
    Black Ocean

The 2015 Moscow Victory Day Parade was a parade that took place in Red Square in Moscow on 9 May 2015 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the capitulation of Nazi Germany in 1945. The Portraits of Russian War Veterans were taken outside the historical Bolshoi Theater in Moscow after the Parade was finished and the veterans were invited for a meal at the Theater to celebrate the day and to remember the past. The Portrait series contains about 30 Portraits of War Veterans, who served for the Russian Army in several conflicts during the last decade.

Pit Buehler was born in 1972 in Zug, Switzerland. After graduating from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, he followed a personal invitation from Professor Strauß to be guest of the master class of photography at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig. In his art work, Buehler focuses on Portraiture and People. He has traveled across more than 90 countries to photograph faces of our time. His protagonists are strong or delicate, broken or dynamic. With great virtuosity, Buehler stages the subjects while managing his technical equipment with an ultimate perfection as he worked with