2016 / People / Portrait_P

blind colurs

  • Photographer
    josep echaburu

We all talk about things we have never seen or experienced but we know through what we have been told, things that are hidden to our senses but we believe they exist. Similarly, a blind person knows the colors despite never has seen them. Blind Colors revolves around one question: How does someone blind from birth interpret the colors? After having conducted a series of interviews in which the blind were asked about the feelings they have when speaking of colors, we looked for spaces or places that describe the color explained by each of them. In the majority of cases that color does not exist in the photographed scene. And normally does not exist because their color interpretation does not correspond with the way of life of people who can see. It is based on another type of perceptions, whether through the other senses or of definitions and sensations that they have been or lived. The color range is transformed in this way in a range of experiences that allow communication between the blind and the sighted, in a world where the color has a fundamental importance. "For living is not necessary to see, just feel." Alberto Guinea, project participant. Photo 01 THE BLACK Xavi Piñol, cemetery of Les Corts. October 29th, 2014 Xavi describes me the black color. The black of death, not just associated with mourning but rather with the "fade to black" used in film. Everything goes out, everything ends. The senses fail. I have never seen –he explains me-, but my ears, my touch, my taste and smell gradually will become dark, arriving to black. Photo 02 THE NO COLOR Paquita Garcia, Joan Pelegrí school pool, Barcelona. November 5th, 2014 Paquita does not relate colors with anything. In her imaginary color just does not exist. She tells me that the color is the skin of things and for her the things don’t have fur. She feels the color like an unnecessary accessory in life. The water represents for her a colorless world. "If you don’t have wings you can’t fly" Photo 03 THE BLUE Alberto Guinea, Rialb marsh. November 16th, 2014 Alberto links blue to loneliness, sad, melancholic people. He associate it with the term "Blues" which designates the musical genre. A landscape of desolation surrounds Alberto blue and makes you ponder a dubious present. Photo 04 THE YELLOW Marc Sarrato, Sant Andreu de la Barca. February 22th, 2015 "The yellow is dirt, I get it like if the white purity and cleanliness have been corrupted. With time and use things become yellow. It is an unpleasant color, I associate it to rubbish tips and chaotic places full of crap." Photo 05 THE BLACK Francisco Javier Cebollero, Cami de cal Notari, Collserola mountain, Barcelona, July 25th, 2015 The desolation and sadness which causes a burning forest represents the black color for Francisco Javier. A black dyeing of absence, something that once was but no longer is. Photo 06 THE PURPLE María Pérez, L'Ametlla de Mar, September 11, 2015 An abandoned playground symbolizes the color purple for María. It is the memory of a past full of happiness in which no one made her feel different. When she was a child, some dressmakers used to give her some purple coloured clothes just for she could play. She used them to dress her dolls, and that color became the color of her childhood, the games, the swings and snacks of bread and chocolate in the Park. Photo 07 THE GREY Tubau Vicenç, Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, Barcelona, May 22th, 2015 Traffic noise is like a grey fog, thick, leaving not hear clearly Vicenç. The more noise, the more dark becomes and Vicenç gets more disoriented. Grey is an annoying noise. Photo 08 THE PINK Lluís Vilà, Gran Teatre del Liceu. Barcelona, November 18th, 2015 A goal of his football team, good meals and music, especially music, are pink for Lluís. The Gran Teatre del Liceu surround Lluís in pink because this color moves him to moments of happiness and everything that makes enjoy.