2016 / People / Family

Big Family

  • Photographer
    Bruno Fonseca
  • Agency / Studio

In Angola’s Namibe desert, at Giraul, in the Namibe province, Tchikuteny, from the Mucubal tribe, is the leader of a big family, maybe the biggest family in the world. He is the chief leader, the manager and responsible for the entire village. In his village, Tchikuteny lives nowadays with most of his big family, his 33 wives, that were once 43, but 10 left the village, and most of their descendants. Tchikuteny maintains the registry of all the new-borns, totalizing 154 sons, and his grandsons, that are around 60. Nowadays, 4 new babies are on the way, and 3 great grand children were born recently. Huge harmony, love and respect transpire in the village atmosphere. The sense of a community is the pillar of their sustainability and sustenance and their autonomy depends prominently on cattle and agriculture that is made by the villagers. Nevertheless, Tchikuteny village is in close connection with their surrounding communities. Children attend Giraul School and there is proximity and relations with the extended family that lives in the surroundings. Being the spiritual leader of the community, Tchikuteny is also responsible for the weekly religious works that happens in the village church. This big family opened his doors to share with us their daily lives.

Bruno Fonseca is a Portuguese Photojournalist born in 1972. He took his course in the Portuguese Institute of Photography (IPF) between 2005 and 2007, following his great passion and started to work as a freelancer. Living in Angola since 1995, as he returns after the diploma, he starts to collaborate with the Portuguese News Agency in Angola (LUSA), until 2011. Passionate traveller, his pictures capture the new, the surprise and respond to the senses: Look for the first time, Feel for the first time, love for the first time...